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Tutor: Ms Lee Yijing

Contact Number: +65 96412517
Educations: An undergraduate in University Of London, pursuing  
            Bachelor of Science(Honours) in Accounting & Finance
            Studied in Millennia Institute, pure commerce stream (2014-2016)
            Studied Accounting in secondary school (2012-2013)
Experience: Currently teaching N level POA 
            1 year experience
Per session: 1 1/2hrs
Rate: $50/session ( Yishun-at my home)
      Group tuition ( at Blk 135,Jurong Gateway Road #04-343/357 , Singapore 60135 )
      *Group Tuition will be cheaper!

P.S. Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries!
     (Preferred mode of contact : WhatsApp/Message)

Principles of Accounts
GCE N Level – Paper 7088 (new syllabus)
GCE O Level – Paper 7175 (new syllabus)

Our tutor, Sue Kam have published her own POA GCE “O” Level Notes. Purchase POA O Level Tuition Notes. Only E-Learning (not physical classroom tuition nor private tutoring) for N & O Level is available.

Free Resource : Suggested Answers for O Level POA 2013 Past Year Paper and Video Tutorial – see below. Download latest N level syllabus guide , Download latest O level syllabus guide

Free Resource:

Suggested answers for O Level POA 2013 2013 O Level POA Suggested Answers

E-Learning video: Tutorial for O Level POA 2013 Paper 1 Question 1 Part (a)(i)

O Level POA 2013 P1Q1ai from Suet Cheng Kam on Vimeo.

Tutorial Notes: O Level POA 2013 P1Q1(a)(i)

Watch this video with HD quality on Vimeo http://vimeo.com/92582331

O Level POA P1Q1a(ii) from Suet Cheng Kam on Vimeo.




Accounting Lesson 2: Perpetual Inventory System

Accounting – Lesson 2 – Trailer from Suet Cheng Kam on Vimeo.

Accounting O Level: Sole Trader Final A/C (based on new syllabus)

Download Question  and keep it in front of you while watching this video  POA O Level -Sole Trader Accounts

Accounting – O Level Sole Trader Final A/C – Trailer from Suet Cheng Kam on Vimeo.

Accounting Lesson 3: Whole Accounting Flow & Control Accounts

Note: Sales Ledger means the same as Debtors’ Ledger. Sales Ledger is different from Sales Account. Similarly, Purchases Ledger means the same as Creditors’ Ledger. Purchases Ledger is different from Purchases Account.

Accounting Lesson 3 Part 1 from Suet Cheng Kam on Vimeo.

Accounting Lesson 3 Part 2: Answering past exam questions on Control Accounts

Accounting Lesson 3 Part 2 from Suet Cheng Kam on Vimeo.

Accounting Lesson 3 Part 3: Sales Ledger Control Account A Level 2003 P1Q7 – FREE

Accounting Lesson 3 Part 3 from Suet Cheng Kam on Vimeo.

List of Accounting Principles / Concepts

The Role of Accounting

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